So I haven’t left yet.  There were some complications surrounding the 685 kit install.  At first glance they looked quite “serious” in terms of presenting a hefty delay.  That said, I spent the day at Sham’s shop mostly doing my own work with the guidance of Sham were needed.

The two main issues were that reassembly of the carburetor was was slightly off, leaving the bike quite handicapped in terms of power, and there was a significant amount of oil to be found around the engine.  I resolved the carburetor issue fairly easily having thought about it a bit and “googling’.   The “mistake” came as no surprise as the affecting part was ever so slightly damaged (by me some time ago) and, as such, something hadn’t seated properly.  The issue surrounding the leaking oil seemed quite serious at first — and honestly — there *still* could be a minor problem.  That said, it seems that some gasket maker has repaired what turned out to be a slightly leaky gasket.  The leak was in an area that wasn’t disassembled during the 685 install so something must have just let go due to a slight increase in engine pressure.  We are still waiting to see whether one of the main gaskets, which was installed during the modification, is still weeping.  From a short ride, it does not look like it is but a more aggressive ride will be a better indicator.  Since, if it is still present, such a minor issue, I should be able to spot treat it.

I will spend tomorrow wrenching again.