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Lima, Peru

As of Tuesday June 29th, I am in Lima, Peru.  I got here pretty late and took the first accommodation that suitable.  I am in the Miraflores neighbourhood which is quite high end and relatively safe.  I looked at several backpackers hostels first but there was not sign of parking.  This place, while more of […]


Writing on Tuesday, June 29th:  So I didn’t make it too far today.  That said, I am feeling much better.  I was a little uncertain in the morning but that was likely due to being seriously undernourished.  You know when you haven’t eaten in a while and are a little dehydrated and can’t really tell […]

Mancora Horror

Here I sit in an Internet cabina in an expensive hotel in Chiclayo, Peru.  Well expensive for Peru.  My experience Peru has not been the greatest so far.  The highilght of this statement is my funnel puke in a restaurant on Mancora on Sunday morning.  Yup.  It wasn’t a great scene but, based on other […]

Volcan Cayambe

I am writing on Friday, June 25th from a hostel in Quite, Ecuador.  Lonely Planet strongly advises to stay away from the new part of town at night due to robberies, drugs and violence.  Given that a 50km stretch of road in mountainous Equador takes a *lot* longer to traverse than you would think — […]

Ecuador today

I will be crossing into Ecuador today.  I am writing from Pasto, Colombia.  I can probably say that yesterday was the most exhilarating motorcycle ride of have had to date.  Ruta de la Sierra in Mexico was close but Colombian Andes have been pretty intense.  There is nothing in Ontario to compare it to and […]

Bogotá, bueno

I am writing from a backpackers’ hostel called the Cranky Croc in the Candelaria area of Bogotá.  It was suggested by a fellow adventure rider Michael who I met in Panama City.  I was glad to have this lead as I have already had my fair share of arriving in a city and having to […]

Panama City

JP left on Monday, June 14th.  We had a great time and her visit helped me to slow down and see more things.  I was on a pretty “ride all day” schedule prior.  JP and I changed our plans and hit David for one night following Boquete instead of only hitting Panama City on the […]

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