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Boquete, Panama

JP and I finished off our time at Boca Brava.  Our middle (full) day was all rain.  This was OK with us as the place was still beautiful and we would be riding in the rain otherwise.  We caught some nice beach time on the last day in the morning.  We headed out mid-day to […]

Some catch up news…

Writing on Monday, May 31st…I am currently at hostel Bruja in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  Lonely Planet had a few listed.  I spent a long time trying to find the first.  Various attempts at asking for directions revealed that LP’s new hostel on the block may have already closed its doors.  I found the Bottle […]

I arrived in Santa Ana, El Salvador pretty late in the evening today (writing on Friday).  We shall call it just dusk.  I did a few laps of what seem to be downtown hoping to get my bearings and happened to pull over in front of a hotel to check the Lonely Planet book.  Santa […]

A little surprise today.

So I have just returned from my Mexican dinner.  What was different about this dinner is that I wore full motorcycle gear substituting the helmet for a large brim hat.  Why is this you ask?  Well…to keep the volcanic ash at bay.  That’s right.  The streets are black.  My bike is covered and people are […]

Antigua, Guatemala

I am currently sitting in a very cosy hostel in Antigua, Guatemala.  I ran into an ex-pat who operates a cafe/motorcycle tour place (as in riding up volcanoes) who refered me here.  It was much appreciated advice as I was going in circles trying to find a place but parking was an issue.  One woman […]

Onwards to Guatamala

[Sunday] I feel that there is some sort of irony here.  I am sitting a pretty fine hotel room in the state of Chiapas, perhaps the poorest, in a border town called Tapachula.  Never had I dreamed that my foray into Chiapas would be from this vantage point.  For many, the name Chiapas, brings up […]

2010.05.21 So here I am in Pinotepa Nacional in Oaxaca.  So far it seems like a nice city.  I am pleasantly surprised.  I have left the coastal area for small mountains and ranches again.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to run into.  Pinotepa has a beach town feel to it, and it may […]

We have surf…

Today (Wednesday) was a pretty great day.  I made great time as well.  While this is not the object of this trip, I was hoping to get to the coast.  And to the coast I did get.  That said, today was definitely the most dynamic of days.  I have seen ranches, small canyons, twisties in […]

I’m going to go coastal

Today was a fine day.  Nothing really to gripe about.  And I crossed the Tropic of Cancer.  I started my day as early as possible at Ciber Ciber in Sombrerete with a little internetting and chat.  Luckily the lady came by early.  I hadn’t realized that I was in GMT-5 again.  Luckily, as well, that […]

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