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In to the void…

I didn’t think this solo traveling business would be easy or always fun.  This has proven correct.  There have been a number of challenging situations.  I guess this is “grist for the mill”. Speaking of which, I am wondering if I am going to find any Mexican beer that suits my palette.  You heard it […]

Ruta de la Sierra

I am beat today.  I am following the route mapped out by my friend Tyson and I one fateful night at Bar Volo in Toronto.  I had no fore knowledge that I would spend most of today and probably most of tomorrow riding crazy ass mountain roads.  I would say that well over half of […]


So here I sit in a KOA near Benson, AZ.  I am about half an hour away from the border.  I was going to cross at Douglas/Agua Prieta, but spoke with someone today who suggested that Naco will be a better crossing as I would be avoiding a bordertown crossing. The KOA I am sitting […]

Four Corners and Monument Valley

Writing on Saturday, today was a pretty spectacular day.  I covered about 700km and have been through four states.  Twice.  I’m not sure if I should count the first time through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.  You see, I visited a place called Four Corners.  Unfortunately the actual monument is currently under reconstruction.  I […]

OK to NM

It was a long day today. Although I am posting this late by EDT standards, I am in mountain time. But it is still a little late. My ended at a very quaint KOA campsite near Las Vegas, New Mexico. This is not too far from Albuquerque. It was a long haul today considering I […]

So I’m riding down the I-44, also know as the Will Rogers Turnpike, not too far out of Tulsa, Oklahoma when all the sudden I realize that throttle isn’t very responsive.  At 120km/hr (75mph) I quickly perform triage, I realize that my throttle is, indeed, responsive but that my drive train is not functional.  Doubting […]

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